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Controller middleware is executed after the request is processed by October CMS, but before the response is sent to the browser. As an example, to add a Test-Header header to your response, you could do the following:. You can also control which actions will use your middleware by using the only and except modifiers. For example, to restrict the middleware to only run on the index action, you could do the following:.

Previous: Extending plugins. We will use the Static Pages plugin that allows creating a dynamic website structure with pages and menus manageable by non-tech savvy end-users. At the same time, the website will include dynamic blog pages, with content managed with the Blog plugin. Toggle navigation. Can be updated in the action method or in the controller constructor.

Can be overridden in the class definition.

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Can be set in the class definition or in the controller constructor. Can be set in the action method. Can be set in the controller constructor or action method. Can be extended in the controller constructor. Actions, views and routing Public controller methods, called actions are coupled to view files which represent the page corresponding the action.

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In this parameter, there is an additional attribute detail which contains an array of extra parameters. You can stop execution of the Ajax request by running event. The ajax:before event can manipulate form data before serialization and the ajax:beforeSend event is useful for adding custom request headers. If you stop the ajax:aborted:file event, the default behavior of allowing the browser to submit the form via normal means i.

This is useful for implementing your own Ajax file upload workaround. Note, you should use return false to prevent event for jquery-ujs and e. Ajax isn't just client-side, you also need to do some work on the server side to support it. Let's discuss what it takes to make that happen.

A Client Event Occurs

Imagine you have a series of users that you would like to display and provide a form on that same page to create a new user. The index action of your controller looks like this:. The top portion of the index page displays the users. The bottom portion provides a form to create a new user. The bottom form will call the create action on the UsersController. Because the form's remote option is set to true, the request will be posted to the UsersController as an Ajax request, looking for JavaScript. In order to serve that request, the create action of your controller would look like this:.

Notice the format. Rails ships with the Turbolinks library , which uses Ajax to speed up page rendering in most applications. When writing CoffeeScript, you'll often want to do some sort of processing upon page load.

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With jQuery, you'd write something like this:. However, because Turbolinks overrides the normal page loading process, the event that this relies upon will not be fired. If you have code that looks like this, you must change your code to do this instead:. When using another library to make Ajax calls, it is necessary to add the security token as a default header for Ajax calls in your library. To get the token:. Please contribute if you see any typos or factual errors.

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    All rights reserved. More at rubyonrails. Policies Maintenance Policy. After reading this guide, you will know: The basics of Ajax. Unobtrusive JavaScript. Valid commands are any jQuery method that can be invoked on the target element e. The delay command takes an argument specifying an amount of time to wait a number with either with a 'ms' or 's' suffix and will delay the execution of the immediately following command by the specified amount.

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    This can be used, for example, to give a CSS transition time to complete before executing another action. Each command will be executed with a ms delay between them, unless otherwise specified by a delay command. This command syntax allows you to execute client side code using a declarative syntax and leveraging the existing intercooler attributes e. It is more expressive than regular javascript, supporting linear, declarative commands, rather than requiring complex callback expressions or multiple calls to setTimeout.